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Bringing Life to your POS Displays
Rocket Production is the leading supplier of electronic
Light, Sound and Motion components for POS displays.
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Our 4 in 1 motor will save you time and money as it fulfils all your POS movement requirements

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LCD Media Screens

Our NEW range of LCD Media Screens are the hottest POP product in the industry and are now at an incredibly low price!

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Featured: Wire free LEDs

Rocket Production

Rocket Production is an established company with over twenty years experience in the point-of-sale display market. We believe passionately in innovation and that fresh, fun and eye-catching point-of-sale will provide the essential extra impulse to purchase.

Rocket Production supply customized, flexible, battery operated electronic POS components, within a two week turnaround at amazing value. Our lightweight products can add light, movement or sound to the Point of Sale, using simple robust components that are ideal for wall mounting and hanging, even in the tightest of retail spaces; just switch them on and let them do the talking for you!

All of our products are RoHS compliant, so you can purchase from us knowing that any potentially harmful materials are kept to a minimum. Certificates can be provided upon request. We will work closely with you to ensure you receive electronic POS solutions specifically targeted to achieve the best results for you.

To enquire about the Rocket Production take back service in accordance with the WEEE directive please email